Do you need know-how in your company for solving 90% of all fiscal printer issues

(without stopping the processes on POS)?


We have a solution for you.




*with official certificate











How is your IT department occupied during the crisis? Have you considered that this period is rare opportunity for improving your general strategic position?


Right after this emergency situation ends, retail world will be even more demanding and quick decisions and actions will be must crucial. Your people and their knowledge will determine for your starting position, pace of business revival and distribution of power between you and competition.


Use this time wisely to educate your resources and bring a new value to your business.


Make your IT staff certificated Fiscal printer specialist.





Day 1


  1. Introduction
  • About this training
  • Overview of countries
  • Different types of fiscal printers per countries and how to make identification of them by country
  • The main elements of the fiscal printers in Balkan region
  • Q&A


Day 2


    2. Serbian fiscal law mandatories regarding the HW

    3. Fiscal printer models in Serbia:

  • Epson Fiscal Printer
  • Galeb Fiscal Printer
  • IntRaster Fiscal Printer
  • Q&A


  • Online test


Day 3


     4. Bosnia and Hercegovina country specifics and two different laws

     5. Republic of Srpska law mandatories regarding the HW

     6. Republic of Srpska fiscal printer models:

  • Galeb Fiscal Printer
  • Mikroelektronika Fiscal Printer
  • Q&A


  • Online test


Day 4


    7. Bosnia and Hercegovina country specifics and two different laws

    8. Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina law mandatories regarding the HW

    9. Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina fiscal printer models:

  • Tremol Fiscal Printer
  • Tring Fiscal Printer
  • Q&A


  • Online test




After this education your employees will be able to:


  • Understand fundamentals of hardware fiscalization systems that exist in practice
  • Become familiar with fiscal printers that are used in various countries
  • Get deep knowledge about the fiscal printers in Balkan region
  • Analyze law requirements regarding fiscal printers, per each country, in Balkan region
  • Get an overview of fiscal printer providers in Balkan region
  • Understand challenges of fiscal environment, by the real-world business cases
  • Identify potential fiscal printer hazards and risks in everyday activities and take preventive steps
  • Specify risk assessment methods and develop quick solutions
  • Get know-how (practical + documentation) for solving 90% of all fiscal printer issues in real business situations, without stopping the processes on POS
  • Monitor process of IT equipment setup in the store
  • Become internal support for all fiscal printer matters in the company
  • Become certificated Fiscal Printer specialist




Service Plus is a professional provider of IT services for the retail industry, with a long track of experience in POS technology, build upon the extensive cooperation with world’s largest retailers for over last 15 years.


As a company with its own field, repair and help desk teams, working 0-24 as a support for the retailers in all countries across Balkan region and beyond, we have developed expertise in various store operations, with focus on POS. Our people are advisors in numerous international projects, and we are trusted partner with companies such as Schwarz Group/Lidl, IKEA, Metro AG, Decathlon, Koton, Mercator, C&A, Jysk, Women’ Secret, etc.


Besides, we have deep know-how in fiscalization area, with focus on fiscal printers’ technology and related law regulations. At the moment, we are the only service company that maintains 6 different fiscal solutions.


Passion towards IT world together with the opportunity to provide comprehensive support and best solutions for the various challenges that retailers face in their daily work, have made us better and we have evolved towards educators and strategic partners of every client we work with.


We are proud of that.


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