Fiscal services


There are special tax related regulations in many countries of the world. These regulations are usually defining which devices have to be used and controlled as elements of the POS. Additionally these regulations are defining how retailer should work, means which processes have to be implemented in the store, which procedures are allowed or not. Based on the fact, that Service Plus is 15+ experienced company serving more than 50 worldwide retailers we can say we became a specialist for fiscal implementations in Retail.

Providing skilled people, with special fiscal process, related knowledge and technical competence, Service Plus is able to support any retailer or any hardware manufacturer or software vendor referring all questions of fiscal related topics. This is valid not only in the countries where we have own legal entities, but around the world.

Some of the respectful customers within our reference list are: C&A, Metro, Deichmann, Takko, Cortefiel, Sephora, MOL, OBI and many others.


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