Retail Integration Platform

ERP, POS, Self-Scanning, Self-Checkout, Cash management, Kiosk, Web shop, Kiosk, Digital signage, Scales, Reverse vending machines, People counting, fiscal devices ….. There are hundreds of solutions and devices in the retail environment which have to be integrated. But the right integration will make the retailer independent from hardware or software provider and reduce the costs dramatically.


Mobile solutions

A very effective way to increase the company profit is, to automate the business processes and to reduce the costs. Mobile solutions can help your company to optimize the processes. Based on long-term experiences, Service Plus developed a framework for enterprise mobile solutions, MS4. Many business processes are already implemented and available but you can also develop the required processes by yourself.   



The right concept to educate your employees can significantly reduce the business risks and directly  increase your profit. trainingPLUS is a software library which helps to create and deploy any standard eLearning material within your enterprise. Besides typical content, like video, sound, flash, image and many other, trainingPLUS can also integrate youtube and slideshare.


5th Croatian Retail IT Summit

It is has already become a tradition in Croatia. The holding of the 5th summit means that for 5 years now it has been a part of the IT community. It not only brings the latest technologies and solutions to the market but it would not be an exaggeration to say that this event is setting the trends in Croatian retail IT environment.
Service Plus is proud to have been the main sponsor for these past 5 years.
This time we are preparing something very special. This time we will not only talk about future solutions, we will also present one – a concept and solution which is unique in the world. There is nobody today with the same solution or even a similar implementation.
We are talking about revolutionary way to bring the social networks directly into the store.


It is easy to imagine the benefits of this. Bringing social networks into the store means bringing an unbelievably large number of potential new customers directly into the store.
In the last few months, Service Plus, together with world-leading providers of different hardware technologies, has developed a great solution. Together with one of the most innovative retailers, C&A, we will demonstrate a real use case to Croatian retailers.
Come to the 5th Croatian Retail IT Summit and be inspired by the most innovative solutions!

What We Do

  • Point of Sale
  • Retail integration platform
  • Integration of Retail specific hardware
  • Mobile solutions
  • eLearning
  • Fiscal solutions and consulting
  • Store Maintenance and Support

Some of our customers


What Our Clients Say

blockquoteWe are successfully working with Service Plus on global level since a long time. We are very glad to cooperate, because Service Plus is providing exactly the services and solutions, which IKEA as a global retailer needs. Due to the future expansion of IKEA in this region we are sure that upcoming challenges will be successfully solved together with our partner Service Plus.

Goran Milenkovic, IT Director, IKEA South-East Europe

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