Fiscalization in Croatia – who should fiscalize when?

Croatia is one of the youngest fiscal countries around the world. On the other side it has to be seen as one of the most modern fiscal models. The introduction of an online authorization of transactions is quite new in the world of fiscal solutions.
The concept can be seen as technically very interesting and is not too difficult to implement.


But besides the technical challenge which is definitely existing there are some headaches at the retailer side, related to the timeline which is defined by the law.
As the law was accepted end of September and as midsize and bigger companies have to implement it by 01st of January 2013, there are effectively just 3 Month to create the needed fiscal modules, to integrate them in the retailers POS or other applications and to install the solution around the network of the stores. For many retailers this will become very difficult.
Some hope that we have as a company is, that the second date, 1st of April can be used by many retailers as a starting date. Unfortunately we got the official answer from authorities, that the first priority is the category of the company which has to be addressed. This means the following:

  • the law defines the following dates:
    • starting date for midsize and big companies and hospitality  is 01.01.2013
    • starting date for trading companies (wholesale or sale) as one of their registered activities is 01.04.2013
    • starting date for all others is 01.07.2013
  • To find out, in which category a retailer belongs,  you have to see the official company registration document. Usually the accounting department of the company should have it. But it can also be checked online at
  • When the retailer has a chain of  stores, this means, that one of the registered activities is trading and it is in the category of midsize companies, the starting date for fiscalization is 01.01.2013

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