Re-Print of the receipts in Croatia

Another topic retailers have to think about is the reprint of a receipt.    Even if this situation is not happening that often, the reprint functionality is very important on the POS.

Depending on the concept of the fiscal solution, the implementation of this small function can cause bigger integration work in the POS application.
There are several possible scenarios:

  • In a central solution, where authorization and re-authorization is done on a central server, the reprint of receipts has also to be managed by the central solution. This means, the POS has to send a request to the central server. When the request is received the central component has to answering with all relevant data. The POS gets the data and creates a copy of the old receipt. In this scenario, extended integration efforts have to be covered by the POS solution.
  • The reprint of the receipt is managed by the POS application.This means that the POS application has to store and manage all fiscal transactions. In case of reprint it will recreate the receipt with all fiscal elements
  • The reprint is managed by the fiscal driver. In this solution the POS application is using the existing reprint functionality without any change. The management of the fiscal part of the receipt, also in case of reprints is totally covered by the fiscal driver.

For Service Plus it was most important, to create a fiscal solution which causes the smallest possible changes of the existing POS application. That was the reason why we decided to implement a solution, where the fiscal driver also takes care of the reprint of a receipt.

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blockquoteWe are successfully working with Service Plus on global level since a long time. We are very glad to cooperate, because Service Plus is providing exactly the services and solutions, which IKEA as a global retailer needs. Due to the future expansion of IKEA in this region we are sure that upcoming challenges will be successfully solved together with our partner Service Plus.

Goran Milenkovic, IT Director, IKEA South-East Europe

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