Fiscalization in Croatia – who should fiscalize when?

Croatia is one of the youngest fiscal countries around the world. On the other side it has to be seen as one of the most modern fiscal models. The introduction of an online authorization of transactions is quite new in the world of fiscal solutions.
The concept can be seen as technically very interesting and is not too difficult to implement.


Database optimization on mobile device

The mobile devices are usually very limited referring the resources, i.e. the memory is limited and the performance is an issue.

Based on our project experiences we defined some guidelines, helping to improve the performance of mobile applications:

  1. Try to avoid outer joins in SQL queries, because they slow down queries
  2. Using  the profiler to load the database and for queries (when working with SQL CE) is faster than direct access
  3. Avoid the usage of queries which scan the complete table
  4. Restrict the query results - Queries resulting in the return of many rows are much slower than restricted queries resulting in the return of only a few rows
  5. Caching screens increases the
  6. Limit the writing to the file system to avoid the impact of performance bottlenecks - Extensive logging can slow down the performance
  7. Provide the possibility to switch the logging on and off during runtime
  8. Critical errors have to be logged

Starting a new project

Optimizing the business processes and increasing the profit is the main focus of every retailer.

Mobilizing existing business processes is for sure one possibility to optimize the process and to reduce the costs related to it. The optimization and costs reductions are usually related to the decrease of the time needed for certain activities, the increase of transparency of process steps, better control of the process, theft reduction, savings in the area of used resources (e.g. paper), and reduction of human mistakes.


Perfect architecture for mobile solutions

Before deciding, which architecture would fit the best for mobile solutions, Service Plus analyzed the existing requirements of typical potential customers in the area of retail, logistics, production, healthcare and other industries. The following characteristics were figured out:

Read more... – the idea!

MS4 is the abbreviation for “mobile solution for”. If you combine it with .biz it is about mobile solutions for your business.
The idea for ms4 was born during many projects we implemented in retail. As a company mainly focused on the POS systems, we saw in all our projects that supply chain solutions covering just the store are very rare. Solutions like SAP, Navision or GOLD are head office solutions mostly not offering access and interfaces within the store. On the other hand, the POS solutions are just covering the check out. But how to cover the space in-between?


Some of our customers


What Our Clients Say

blockquoteWe are successfully working with Service Plus on global level since a long time. We are very glad to cooperate, because Service Plus is providing exactly the services and solutions, which IKEA as a global retailer needs. Due to the future expansion of IKEA in this region we are sure that upcoming challenges will be successfully solved together with our partner Service Plus.

Goran Milenkovic, IT Director, IKEA South-East Europe

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