Store support

The most important engine for the retailer`s success is the store itself. The sales process in the store should never stop, even if everything else is not working as it should. Driven by this philosophy, Service Plus created several support concepts, which are covering the complete store and all equipment and solutions within.


Store support

Service Plus is not only solving the upcoming problems, we are always trying to improve the situation and create scenarios to avoid that the problems emerge. Regular reports give the possibility to analyse the situation and to define possible improvements.
In cooperation with the retailer`s head office, Service Plus performs regular surveys of the stores. The results will help, to measure the quality of our service and to improve it as needed.
It is very important, that the customer has just one contact channel for all operational problems. Our support concept is forseeing, that different levels of support can be provided, either all by Service Plus or by different parties. In case of several different parties, Service Plus offers well defined interfaces, which makes the cooperation between all parties seamless.


Support structure

Some of our customers


What Our Clients Say

blockquoteWe are successfully working with Service Plus on global level since a long time. We are very glad to cooperate, because Service Plus is providing exactly the services and solutions, which IKEA as a global retailer needs. Due to the future expansion of IKEA in this region we are sure that upcoming challenges will be successfully solved together with our partner Service Plus.

Goran Milenkovic, IT Director, IKEA South-East Europe

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