Fiscalization in Czech Republic will start on time

According to the newest information from Czech Tax Authority recording of sales in the production environment will be available for testing in November 2016. Fiscal law will take into effect for hospitality in the 1st phase of new fiscalization implementation. First phase is reserved for December 2016.

Wholesale and Retail activities are integrated into the electronic records of sales system in the 2nd phase. The 2nd phase comes into effect on 1st March 2017. That means that fiscalization in Czech Republic won’t be canceled and will start as it is planned.

Austrian fiscal law

Austrian parliament approved new fiscalization model which came into force 1st January 2016. This was the first part of fiscalization, which includes creation of Fiscal Journal (FJ) which have to be saved at each POS, central database or in Cloud. The second part of the new fiscal law is the digital signature of every cash receipt, which will be implemented on 1st April 2017.

Austrian fiscal regulation is based on two concepts. First concept relates to usage of digital signature device for every issued receipt and second to „closed system“ in which independent audit of Company processes and organization is needed. „Closed system“ refers to the company that has more than 30 cash registers. But there is one difference between these two concepts - usage of digital signature device and registration of each POS at Fiscal Authority what is not mandatory when we talk about „closed system“. Advantages of “closed system” are: signature device, digital certificate and POS registration at authority are not needed.

With the new regulations fiscal law in Austria requires that every POS has unique number, that has to create and maintain the fiscal totals (created by adding every cash turnover to previews one encoded with AES 256 algorithm). Based on tax information from transaction POS has to create Barcode, QR Code or OCR code on the receipt.

When it is about the end of every year, the special fiscal receipt has to be printed and saved for authority and every Retailer has to keep it for seven years.

Creative retailing in Bahrain

Our creative retailing is present through the whole world. In addition to this, our way of business brought us to Bahrain and our new client Almeer, fast food and retail chain. This Retailer before two years decided to change the old in-house solution with the newest Wincor Nixdorf solution – TP.Net and TPAdmin).

Deadline for implementation was very short and Wincor Nixdorf Middle East saw Service Plus Group as company which could solve all Almeer issues. What we did first? Workshops, after which we did pilot rollout of first TP.Net Almeer shop. All issues were solved thanks to Service Plus team, which is ready for future challenges in Bahrain.

The results after the first quarter since the introduction of fiscal cash registers

First results after introducing new fiscal law are officially announced by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia.

According to the report, introduction of certified cash registers has positive effect, which reflects on the increase of the declared turnovers as well as in the increase of the VAT collected.

The entire turnover of the taxpayers using cash registers from February to April 2016 was € 5.4 billion, compared to the same period of the last year increased by € 293.3 million (5.7 percent).

In the same period taxpayers paid € 758.8 million VAT, which is € 33.6 million (4.6 percent) more than in the same period of 2015.

Taxpayers who are using cash registers and who have submitted a VAT return in the present periods have proved € 299.9 million net payments of VAT, what is € 19.8 million (7.1 percent) more than persons who have submitted the accounts in 2015.

It is interesting that taxpayers in the catering industry marked an increase of 20.7% in VAT collection more than in the same period last year. The positive effects from the use of the certified cash registers could be also seen in the increasing number of employees in the same period.

Up to day 13.5.2016, 54,035 taxpayers have been issued with over 72,522 digital certificates and 46,527 taxpayers are already using their digital certificates for issuing receipts. Up to the same date more than 346 million transactions were registered by the central server of the department of revenue.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia predicted a budget of € 75 million of additional revenue from the effects of the new fiscal law introduction.

New fashion chapter: Koton

Koton, Turkish fashion and retail leader has been enriching Service Plus Group portfolio since October 2015. Our cooperation is still very young, but it will be in the long term.

Our visit to Koton’s branch in Istanbul included workshops where both sides realised that cooperation is the best solution because customer needed TP.Net configuration, and we are experts in TP.Net field. That’s how our story with this well known fashion brand have begun. And we are stil writing that story.

Some of our customers


What Our Clients Say

blockquoteWe are successfully working with Service Plus on global level since a long time. We are very glad to cooperate, because Service Plus is providing exactly the services and solutions, which IKEA as a global retailer needs. Due to the future expansion of IKEA in this region we are sure that upcoming challenges will be successfully solved together with our partner Service Plus.

Goran Milenkovic, IT Director, IKEA South-East Europe

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