Interview with Milan Lazarevic - Account Manager’s angle


14th December


M: How does it look like working in Service Plus as an Account Manager for 7 years? What has changed, what is still the same?

Working at Service Plus is at the same time very challenging, dynamic and fulfilled with plenty of satisfaction. Possibility to communicate with Global Top Retailers and Solution providers on the daily level, and BEING PART OF THEIR EXPANSION STRATEGY, is something that levels up my adrenalin.

It was not always like that, from regional company oriented to hardware support and services, Service Plus transforms to international system integrator, able to provide different software solutions and legal expertise on the World class level. This transformation was affecting every segment of the company, from internal procedures, over solutions and services used in regular daily operation, through knowledge base gained from involvement in dozens of international projects.

During years, the biggest challenge was to find right people, so now I can proudly say that people are the company's greatest asset. Willingness to tackle with complex challenges, and provide constructive solutions for them, is a lodestar from the beginning.


M: Today, what your workday looks like?


 I have feeling like I’m ON THE WORLD JOURNEY EVERY DAY I come to work. At one point, I’m in the Paris communicating certification procedure with regulatory institution, the other hour I jump to Milano to organize information collecting about upcoming fiscal regulation, then I am in Doha piloting SAP integration and by the end of the day I go to Vienna to communicate maintenance services. (Laugh)


Very dynamic, I told you.


M: What makes you successful or which qualities and skills are needed in order to become a successful Account Manager?


As an account manager you must listen to your customers and build the trust on every single move. TRANSPARENCY is one of the ingredients that surely helps building that trust. Being able to answer customer needs with highest quality, and stepping up for different challenges during the project, with dose of flexibility is generally appreciated too.


M: When we speak about Service Plus, it is followed with strong „internationality “. What you find the most challengeable/interesting doing your job?

After many different expansion project, I could tell that most challenging activity is to meet with right people and secure joint participation in the project. This activity is never getting much easier, but it is noticeable that WORD-OF-MOUTH OF MANY SATISFIED CLIENTS helps a lot.


M: In your opinion, what makes us different from other companies?


There are several elements: Possibility to share knowledge gained through different international retail projects, Constant investment in people, Experimenting with new technologies, Flexible concepts that can fit different customer needs. Our daily routine is CREATIVE RETAILING!

M: What would be your message for all those debating whether to join dynamic IT environment such as our company?



For people that are willing to constantly learn through different international projects, and become experts in what they do, Service Plus is great place to be. If you are proactive, diligent, skilled and prefer constant challenges over the work routines, my message is: „HURRY UP, ROCKET LAUNCHING COUNTDOWN STARTED ALREADY! “


The best reward for both,

employer and employee

24-26th October

From 24-26th October, Datalogic technical training was held in Hungary, dedicated to three product groups: Mobile Computers, Handheld Scanners, and Fixed Scanners for industrial automation. Our colleague Branislav Kecic, Head of Field Service had a unique opportunity to participate and learn more about Datalogic SW, devices and technologies.

Here comes the short interview with colleague Bane whom we asked for first-hand impressions:

„In all, the training was held in very pleasant environment. It was a  collection of useful information followed by interesting presentations. It helped me to learn additional technical things in the form of settings and working with devices, to become more familiarized with central management and management software in large systems, as well as with new barcode scanning technologies. I had a chance to meet new Datalogic pallete of Mobile Computers such as Memor, Lynx PDA, DL-Axist as well as, the other day I met different models of scanners. QuickScan, Gryphon, PowerScan are the models I had a chance to work with but I also met new models of Heron, Rida etc.

I had a great chance to spend time and exchange the experiences with technicians and sales people from Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and I found this experience the most valuable.” – Branislav finished his interview.



A few words exchanged with colleague Marko Gakovic


7-8th October

At first week of October, Service Plus team entered into fever of Zagreb marathon week. Our team numbered 16 participants of the half marathon race and race of 5km length.

Here’s what Marko said for our newsletter about his impressions of the marathon:


N: What was the biggest impression on you?


Marko: The whole organization was positive, with a lot of friendship, hacking, laughter and ultimately fatigue. We had the opportunity to meet colleagues with whom we do not have everyday contact.


N: What had the biggest contribution to the team spirit?


Marko: Although the marathon is an individual sport, I think that on this journey we have shown that we are a team that keeps together. There is no separation of individuals and we together provided support when it was most needed.


N: Instead of conclusion...


Marko: It is an extraordinary experience to run through new cities, meet new streets, people, and cultures. For example, in my case, I met people from Zadar (CRO) and received an invitation to come to their bike race through beautiful Plitvice Lakes. These are really nice things that count for a lifetime!




Meet the upcoming fiscal requirements in Italy



September – October



Registratore Telematico as a key part of fiscal printer

  • Fiscal data is automaticaly submited to Tax Authority every day via Telematico device integrated in the RT fiscal printer
  • Data sent to Tax Authority can not be manipulated (due to fiscal memory)
  • Data sent to Tax Authority consider Fiscal data from the daily sales
  • Fiscal data about daily sales is sent once a day with complete information

In this moment we are fully dedicated preparing a solution that will fully meet the requirements of the Fiscal Law in Italy which will enter the force in 2018, January 1st. In order to comply with the upcoming law, we can say we have answers on every single question, about rules and regulations that are dictating the Italian retailer on how to work with the Point of Sale and following Registratore Telematico and when it comes to the realization in live the best path is introduction with all this issues through our demo workshop

With Italy, we will be live in 11 countries with the integration of our fiscal solutions so far, after succesfully implementations already done in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France etc.


Service Plus opened French market


September – October

The Service Plus’s solution for the French market is almost ready to fully meet retailers in France. On the basis of the previous solutions we successfully implemented in nine European countries, Service Plus has worked on the ‘French solution’ in order to meet specific French fiscal requirements.

Fiscal law in France is introduced to prevent any fraud by data changing and software modification and it will enter the force by 2018 January 1st. Data has to be submitted to Tax Authority upon request in simple readable format. Issuing receipts does not have the obligation for data exchange with Tax Authority, but all financial and related transactions have to be digitally signed - standard sales, reports, archiving, signing on/off, export/import etc.


This fall, we had a lot of work organizing workshops with software vendors and French retailers as first step of introduction with mandatory fiscal law which will soon enter the force. In addition to this, our fiscal solution is customized and developed under the authorization of certificated French institution. Partnership with well known Infocert resulted in certificated solution which enables us to meet simple integration process with any POS application as well as to deliver all related documentation upon request in line with process of fiscalization. So we are ready to claim We are officialy certificated!


Bonjour France, here we come!




Training in Diebold Nixdorf center in Paderborn


27 – 28th September

At the end of September, the three representatives of Service Plus Group, had attended training course organized by Diebold Nixdorf in Paderborn, Germany. As a Diebold Nixdorf partner for more than 14 years, we were delighted to participate, strengthening the partnership and showing that no matter how long we cooperate there is always will to gain new knowledges and open new business perspectives.


From time to time, this training is available for customers as well as partners and it includes the practise-oriented seminars and tailored advanced training courses in order to meet Diebold Nixdorf existing and new-in solutions or to meet the requirements should be conducted in businees cooperation as customer or partner.


As participants, we were able not only to receive the very latest information from outstanding course leaders, but to gain the ideal framework for a high-level exchange of experiences.



Service Plus was announced as leader of working group focused on fiscal standard specification


27th September

Since June this year, all activities of ARTS are transferred, within the newly defined cooperation, into the hands of the consortium "Object Management Group ®" (OMG ®). Some of the world's most well-known standards, which this organization has developed and maintained, are:


• UML (unified modeling language)

• BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)

• CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)

• SOAML (Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language) and many others


As part of the ARTS transition to OMG, ARTS members were invited to join the newly established OMG Retail Domain Task Force group, chaired by Mr. Bart McGlothin, Solution Architect from CISCO.


The first international meeting of all members of the newly established working group was held on September 27, 2017 in New Orleans, USA, attended also by representatives of Service Plus Group.


Hereby we want to emphasize 3 significant things crystallized at this IT meeting.


First one - the completion of a document describing a new standard for communication with POS printers. It is a new version of the UPOS standard called "UPOS v2 Printer API" which describes POS printers as a "service" located anywhere in the retailer's network or even in the cloud. POS printer becomes a service that can use the application on the mobile phone as well as the one at the fixed cash desk in one shop.


Another, very important thing, is the beginning of a project for the definition of a common ontology for trade.


And the third, and perhaps the most interesting highlight is the creation of a working group focused on fiscal standard specification.


Today, there are more than 100 countries in the world with special laws so-called fiscal laws which prescribe often, not just how traders must work, but also what additional systems they need to use. For example, in Serbia, it is the use of fiscal printers, in Croatia, fiscal online dispatch of all transactions to the Tax Administration is prescribed, in Austria the use of a digital signing transaction card, etc. The POS application is ‘forced’ in each country to communicate with the prescribed fiscal systems there. The "Fiscal Service API" project should unify all these systems and define one interface between the cash register and all prescribed fiscal systems.


Due to wide experience in the implementation of more than 60 international projects in over 15 countries, Service Plus has been selected as the leader of this working group. In addition to Service Plus, Diebold Nixdorf, Epson, Bizerba, IBM and many other members of OMG are working on the definition of this standard. The first concept of the architecture of this API should be prepared in March next year.


This standard is expected to bring a significant simplification of the process in the implementation of the fiscal law in one as well as more countries. For example, if the trader and producer (of his cash software) follow this standard in one country, the implementation of the same cash register software in another fiscal country becomes very simple because most of the integration is done in the previous one.


It is obvious that international retailers with great impatience expect exactly this standard that will greatly accelerate them and facilitate international expansion and entry into new markets.




Team building on Kopaonik mountain


28 - 31th July



If you were by any occasion on Kopaonik mountain at the end of July, you could not miss the group of around 50 people in striking Service Plus T-shirts! You guess – that was SP Team!


There, surronded by beautiful nature and fresh air, we were organized two races for the team - Trail Race and MTB Race. First day, we ran 7km and 15km. Not only the fact, we were the most recognizable team but our team member had incredible role! Nebojsa Brkic ran 15 kms carring his daughter on the back!


The next day, 19 members of Service Plus MTBTeam participated in 25km long MTB race while two SP team members were riding 50 kms! We are very proud of all of them because above all, the team spirit and enthusiasm were on top! This team building was our preparation for Sri Lanka and Rumble in the Jungle race in 2018!


We take this special moment to celebrate with colleague Goran Krstic his 10th years long career in Service Plus and reward him as well. For the next 10 succesfull years together!






Open Day for Families



2nd June


What family members think about your job, especially if they just imagine how do you spend your working hours in dynamic IT enviroment? That was the thought we had in mind introducing a special corporate event Family Open Day and June was set time for this event.


Family members had the opportunity to search more about core business in Service Plus company, to chat with other employees, ask questions and see how one working lifeday flows in our company. This day was a real pleasure. To fullfiled memories, there was the inflatable castle for kids, finger food and refresment and this will be for sure our tradittionaly event during the next years!


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